What can I make for you?

The question probably should be, "what can't I make for you?" Like you, I'm a cyclist, and like many other cyclists I don't restrict myself to one kind of cycling. I've lived many places over the last ten years, following my wife's grad school programs. When we've lived someplace that had good off-road cycling, I did a lot of that. If the area was more suited for road cycling I'd do that. Over the 25 years that I've been cycling I've done a lot of different types of cycling with a lot of different kinds of bikes and over a wide range of terrain. I don't feel that one kind of cycling is superior to another. I just like bikes.

In the end I'm willing to build most any kind of bike--whatever will suit the rider's needs. My only real conditions are that it's something I believe will work for the rider and that I have the ability to build the frame. If the rider's plan doesn't accomodate these two small parameters I'm more than happy to help the rider find someone who will build the project for them.

"Ivy Cycles: Modern Frames, Traditional Techniques." I use the best modern materials and designs and build my bikes one at a time by hand, using fillet-brazed or lugged construction.

Sometime in the future I'll post more information on my reasons for my preferences of frame building material and techniques. I like and build steel bikes, but that doesn't mean I dislike other materials. I know steel, its uses, and its limitations. In the future I hope to add other materials to my production, but right now it's steel frames only. Similarly, I prefer brazing as a my joining method of choice. I've built bikes using TIG welding and could build a bike using that method but I'm a much better brazer than I am a welder.

If you've read all this and find it intriguing, please send me an email and we'll discuss what you want and need in a custom frame. I'll work with you to produce your dream bike.